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Chosen Chapter 10: Raiders of the Lost Valley

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Chosen Chapter 16: A Family that Wizards Together

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John Barrowman

"You overestimate yourselves. You’re arrogant fools. Besides, I’m tired of the Grand Design. I think it’s time for a change."
—Ambrose to the Tribunal.[src]

Ambrose, also known by his full name Ambrosius and his alias Alaric Brewman, is a powerful Wizard. He is determined to bring the Wizard race back to its former glory and reclaim the world in their name. To accomplish this goal, he fathered several children with mortal women, including Arthur Cobbs, Bryant Hughes, Harper and Ramsey Tate.


Early LifeEdit

Ambrose is from the ancient city of Avalon, where he was a commoner. From an early age, he believed wizards to be superior over other races and believed they should rule the world. He also desired to be a ruler himself, though he was not of royal blood. As a child, he was close friends with Merlin, the prince of Avalon, though their friendship ended when Ambrose grew envious of Merlin for his royal status.

When the wizards of Atlantis opened an academy to educate witches, Ambrose objected and had an argument with prince Emyr. The prince called him out of his arrogance and pride, stating that he could never rule. Feeling humiliated, Ambrose planned to sabotage the witches and create an accident at the academy. His friend Bowan agreed and told his friend that he would set things in motion. However, the result of the accident turned out much more destructive than intended and resulted in the destruction of Atlantis.

The Source of All Evil, who already felt threatened by the wizards, used the destruction of Atlantis to start a war. Avalon was the last of the wizard cities to fall in the war. Before the city fell, Ambrose was able to escape with five others.

Modern TimesEdit

In present times, Ambrose created a human alias named Alaric Brewman and founded his own company called Brewman Investments. He created this alias to blend into the mortal world and gain access and influence in the city. He also became a supporter of Amanda Freeman, donating to her campaign.

Ambrose sired several children with mortal women in to help achieve his goals. He recruited Bryant after his powers manifested when he killed his step-father. He recruited Ramsey during a school science fair and paid for his Harvard education. Meanwhile, his daughter Harper showed signs of mental instability and was admitted to a mental institution funded by Ambrose himself. However, unknown to Ambrose, one of the doctors exerimented on her to learn about her magic. When Harper broke free, Ambrose appeared and took her with him after killing the doctor and a nurse.

Meeting ArthurEdit

Ambrose sent his son Bryant Hughes to follow the expedition led by Professor Whitney, in the hope that he would retrieve the Staff of Magnus from Shangri-La. When he succeeded and delivered the staff, Ambrose used it to confront and vanquish the Tribunal, as they stood in the way of his plans.

Some time later, Ambrose sent Bryant to meet Arthur and offer him the answers he had been looking for. When Arthur agreed, Ambrose revealed that he was his father. He went on to explain that he wanted to restore the glory of the Wizards. However, Arthur did not agree with his methods and attempted to leave. Ambrose then suppressed his memories of the meeting and told his other children to proceed as planned.

Seeking ImmortalityEdit

Ambrose sent Bryant and Harper to collect Merpeople, hoping to use Auger Shells to transfer their immortality to his children. In order to find the mermaids, the wizards worked with a Sea Hag. At the same time, Ambrose took his yacht to the Atlantic Ocean and used the Staff of Magnus to surface the lost city of Atlantis, as that was where the shells were hidden. Before entering the island, he placed a mysterious call to another one of his children.

Meanwhile, a merman named Ridley asked the Chosen for help when his love was abducted. They learned that Ambrose planned to obtain immortality for his children and set out to Atlantis. At the same time, Violet cast a spell on Arthur, undoing the mind manipulation that Ambrose used on him. When Arthur confronted his father, Ambrose chose to retreat instead of hurting his son, as he still hoped that Arthur would join him.

The VirusEdit

In his attempt to make wizards the dominant species again, Ambrose arranged for his son Ramsey Tate to work on the magical virus created by the government. Ramsey infiltrated the mayor's team of scientists and perfected the virus while making those with wizard DNA immune to it. When the Chosen arrived to destroy the virus, Ramsey escaped with it and brought it to his father. While Ramsey believed that the virus was only a threat, Ambrose intended to use it to wipe all other magical beings if necessary.

Ambrose kept an eye on Atlantis as Arthur researched a way to free the petrified wizards with help from Magic School. When Ambrose noticed some commotion, he went to the island and confronted Ben McDowell. He read his mind and learned that Arthur and Violet had been to the past, where they learned that they needed Neptune's Trident to free the wizards. Ambrose then manipulated Ben's mind so he would steal the trident for him.

Time after Ambrose's assistant, Felicia reminded him that he had been invited to a ball organized by the mayor, and he decided to go there with his children. Back home, Ambrose knew that Ramsey had created a serious way to restore Harper's powers, and when the test failed, he calmed his daughter and explained that it was necessary that he be the one who had cast the spell to cancel it. At the party Ambrose danced with his daughter, and when the mayor wanted him to give a speech, he did so even if he sensed that something was underneath. Later he found himself face to face with Harper, and knew immediately that she was possessed by Duncan; at that moment Bryant set off an earthquake during his fight with Billie. Ambrose tried to question Duncan, but he escaped him, so he took Violet captive.

Reading the mind of the redhead, Ambrose discovered the plan to free the wizards and teleported to Atlantis to prevent it. The wizard easily got the better of Athur and his friends, but before he could take the trident, Emyr was freed from his petrification and summoned the trident. The two fought each other, forcing Ambrose to retreat because their powers were the same.

Stealing the potion to restore the powers to Harper charged her with torturing Bryant as a punishment for being captured. The next morning he invited Felicia to dinner and she accepted; subsequently he decided to spread the virus. Ramsey protested, because he did not want to be a part of this destruction. Ambrose refused to listen to him and put him to sleep, then went to the enchanted forest where he released the virus in the presence of a nymph.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Basic Powers

Active Powers

  • Spiralization: The ability to teleport through swirling blue spirals.
  • Illusion Casting: The ability to cast illusions, affecting all senses but touch. Ambrose is a master at casting illusions, and is able to perceive and negate the illusions of others. Additionally, he can glamour into other people or make himself invisible.
  • Telepathy: The ability to read and manipulate the minds of other beings and communicate mentally.
  • Molecular Dispersion: The ability to utterly destroy targets by tearing them apart on a molecular level.
  • Animation: The ability to bring inanimate obejects to life. Ambrose has animated several statues at his mansion, which serve as guards.

Passive Powers

  • High Resistance: The ability to be highly resistant to physical and magical harm.
  • Immortality: The ability to possess a possibly infinite lifespan and an arrested aging process.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • His character is partly inspired by the character Malcolm Merlyn from Arrow, also portrayed by John Barrowman.
  • His name is inspired by the Ambrosia from Greek mythology, which was the food or drink of the Greek Gods which granted immortality. Ambrosius literally means divine or immortal. In some works of fiction, Ambrosius is the surname of Merlin.
  • Ambrose and his children all have the letters A and R in their names. This also includes his alias Alaric Brewman.