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Astral Projection is the ability to project the consciousness outside of the body in astral form. This power is initially triggered by the desire to be at two places at once and can be used to project the consciousness over vast distances. It is one of the few powers that can be taught and learned by beings who do not possess it naturally.

Aspects of Astral ProjectionEdit

Corporeal FormEdit

Users of this aspect will project the consciousness in a solid and visible form. The consciousness becomes a duplicate of the user's body and can be used as such.

Astral FormEdit

Users of this aspects will project the consciousness in an invisible astral form. This form is often used to manipulate others through suggestion.

Control and ExhaustionEdit

Astral projection

Prue using this power for the first time

This power is initially triggered by the desire to be at two places at once. When used, the actual body will be left unconscious. It may be difficult to control at first, as users may unintentionally astral project elsewhere. It also requires a lot of energy, causing the user to become exhausted if used too often or too long.

Users of this power might not be able to use other active powers at first. However, they can learn to use them eventually. Prue Halliwell was learning to do so, though she never accomplished this before her death. Duncan Phillips was able to achieve this feat somewhat faster.

When users repress their desires for long periods of time, these desires might express themselves through the astral projection. Users will then lose control over their astral selves, which become independent.

Possible AdvancementsEdit

Astral PossessionEdit

Astral Possession is the ability to take control of the body of another being by leaping into that body in astral form. Once the user has possessed another being, they gain full control over their body and powers. However, they will not be able to control their minds and do not have access to their memories.

Related PowersEdit


Telekinesis is the ability to move objects and beings with the power of the mind. Some users of Telekinesis may develop the power of Astral Projection. The relation between these powers is movement, as telekinesis moves objects, while Astral Projection moves the consciousness.

Astral PremonitionEdit

Astral Premonitions are premonitions in which the user astrally projects their consciounsess in the premonition. Users will become able to move within and interact with beings in the premonition. However, this also means that they can get hurt within the premonition, which also inflicts damage to the real body.

List of UsersEdit