Baker High School is a public high school located in San Francisco. With the exception of Paige Matthews, who attended another school, and Julian Turner, who was raised as a demon, the Charmed Ones and their children attended Baker High during their teenage years.


Charmed Generation
Legacy Generation


  • Both Prue Halliwell and her namesake and niece Prue were cheerleaders and very popular in school.
    • Wyatt was also popular as the star of the football team and due to winning a championship.
  • Phoebe and her daughter Penny were wild outcasts in high school. It was suggested by Prue that Penny may have slept with the entire football team.
  • Piper was unpopular and near-invisible in high school and had a bad time there, Payton is also somewhat invisible, but is not as miserable as Piper was.
    • Chris was somewhat of a geek in high school and was unpopular like his mother.
  • Henry Jr. is fairly popular and well-liked in school, despite not belonging to any social group.