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The Book of Shadows is a powerful tome of magic filled with many spells and potions, as well as information about many good and evil beings. The book was created by Melinda Warren and has been passed down the Warren line of witches. Each Warren witch has added to the book, making it more valuable and powerful with each generation. The book was eventually found by Phoebe Halliwell, who read the Power of Three spell, thus creating the Charmed Ones.




The Book of Shadows is connected to the Warren witches, most notably the Charmed Ones, and is deeply intertwined with their magic. The book itself possesses powers to protect itself from evil beings and those with ill intentions. It can sense evil and will defend itself by moving away when evil tries to touch it. As the Charmed Ones grew stronger, the book became able to protect itself with a force field. The book also cannot be photocopied, as discovered by Paige.


Due to the book being deeply connected to the Charmed Ones, it also shares their weaknesses. The book will always have the same morality as the owners. When the Charmed Ones turned evil, the book slowly turned evil as well. Its pages blackened and spells were warped into more sinister ones.

The book is also tied to the emotions of the Charmed Ones. This fact was once exploited by the demon Zankou, who tormented the sisters by resurrecting the dead and made them feel weak and vulnerable. This also made the book vulnerable, causing it to turn on the sisters and allowing Zankou to steal it.


  • The Book of Shadows is a general term all witches use to refer to their magical book of spells. The Warren Book of Shadows is the most powerful one in existence.

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