Empathy is the ability to sense the emotions of other beings. This power is often triggered by compassion, allowing users to connect with and understand others. Experienced users may also become able to manipulate the emotions of others. As all magical powers are connected to emotions, empaths may capable of manipulating the powers of other beings.

Control and UsageEdit

When first gaining this power, it can be difficult to control. Inexperienced users will often be overwhelmed by the emotions and have trouble shutting it off. They can also lose themselves in the emotions of others and act on them as if they were their own.

As users become more experienced, they will be able to read the emotions of others as desired. They can sense when others are nervous or scared and can use empathy as a lie detector.

Empathy is a rare gift and can only be handled by those destined to have it. When others beings gain empathy, it will overwhelm them, which can drive them insane and even kill them.

Abilities within EmpathyEdit

Power ManipulationEdit


Phoebe channeling demonic fire balls.

As powers are tied to emotions, empaths may become able to manipulate the powers of others. Users can take control of activated powers and use them for themselves. Users can also replicate powers and use them as desired by tapping into the right emotions. Empaths are more resistant to powers they are channeling or replicating.

Empaths can augment their powers or those of others, such as when Prue became an empath and enhanced her telekinetic powers and astral projection.

Empathic ManipulationEdit

Experienced empaths can use their power to manipulate the emotions of others. An aspect of this ability is empathic healing, which can be used to relieve emotional pain. When Phoebe regained her empathy, it became advanced enough to take away Billie's pain when she was grieving for the loss of her parents and sister, as well as the guilt she felt for the mistakes she made.

Cupids are also able to manipulate emotions to an extent. Coop was able to remove a blockage from Phoebe's heart, opening her heart to love again.

Possible AdvancementsEdit

Psionic BlastsEdit

Psionic Blasts are blasts of psychic energy from the mind. The blast is actually raw emotion turned into energy. Users can fire these blasts from their foreheads in an expanding wave. This power is capable of causing mental pain or knocking a person unconscious, depending on the amount of power put in the blast.

Notable UsersEdit