Firestarters are rare magical beings, either mortals or witches, with the ability to create and control fire with the mind. They are highly coveted by evil for their power and were once trained to become bodyguards to the Source of All Evil.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


The elemental power to create and control fire with the mind. The ability of Firestarters is far more potent than that of other magical beings. They can summon fire by simply focusing on an object and have it combust in flames. They can also create large balls of fire, which they can propel through the air and use fire to immobilize foes, even if their target is resistant to fire. They can also easily put out fires by simply focusing on it.

In early stages, their power is hard to control and will manifest under extreme emotions. However, once they gain full control, Firestarters are among the most powerful elemental beings in existence.

Notable FirestartersEdit