Molecular Combustion is the ability to speed up molecules to the point where they combust, thus causing the object or being in question to explode. This power is the opposite of Molecular Immobilization, from which this power may develop. This power is channeled through the hands and can be used to blow up objects and vanquish beings, which often results in fiery explosions.

Strength and ControlEdit


Piper 'blowing up' a wall

Molecular Combustion is initially difficult to control, as it is triggered by anger or panic. As this power may develop from Molecular Immobilization, users may accidentally combust objects or beings while trying to freeze them. When users experience heightened emotions or are unbalanced, their power may become unstable.

Offensive UsageEdit

Molecular Combustion is one of the most powerful offensive abilities there is. Piper Halliwell was able to combust even powerful upper-level demons and has been able to combust large objects like walls and cars.

Defensive UsageEdit

This power can be used in a defensive manner by combusting magical attacks or objects before they hit. It can also be used to deviate attacks back at the opponent. In some occasions, the blast can create a ripple effect that can push enemies back. Molecular Combustion can also be used to start fires when combusting a flammable object.

Notable UsersEdit