Pyrokinesis is the ability to create and manipulate fire with the mind. This is one of the most common elemental powers, possessed by Firestarters and several demons. Users can create fire with the mind, incinerate targets or create large blasts of fire.

Usage and ControlEdit

Pyrokinesis can be used for various effects. Most commonly, it can cause objects or beings to spontaneously ignite in flames. It can also be used defensively to destroy incoming powers or potions. Users can throw a stream of fire from the hands or focus to create a large sphere of fire that can be directed at targets.

Initially this power may be difficult to control. Firestarters can accidentally set thing on fire when experiencing strong emotions, such as fear or anger.

Related PowersEdit


Fire BallsEdit

The ability to throw spheres of fire, capable of destroying objects and vanquishing beings. There are two distinct forms. The first is a basic sphere of flames, which can be possessed by various evil beings. The second form are swirling metallic rings engulfed in flames. These fire balls are possessed by upper-Level demons.

Fire BreathingEdit

The rare ability to project a stream of fire from the mouth. The only known users are dragons and their twisted offspring, the dragon warlocks.

Fire ThrowingEdit

The ability to throw a stream of fire from one's hand. This power may develop naturally from Pyrokinesis or can be an independent power. It is usually described as an evil power, though witches may also possess this power.

Advanced Fire ThrowingEdit

An extremely advanced form of Fire Throwing, where the user is able to fire a beam of highly concentrated torch-like fire. The only known user was the Source's Heir, who possessed it in the womb. It was powerful enough to destroy a demon that was believed to be unvanquishable.


The ability to completely incinerate a being with a single look or gesture. The victim instantly combusts in flames and is reduced to ashes within seconds. This power is possessed by upper-level demons such as the Source of All Evil.

List of UsersEdit