When the Charmed Ones fulfilled their Destiny and retired from magical life, the Elders felt that a new force of good was needed to maintain the balance between good and evil. For this reason, they sought out a new generation of witches who could fight evil and protect the innocent. They would become known as a Chosen, a coven of witches destined for greatness.

In order to become a collective of power, these witches would have to partake in a ritual to share their powers and intertwine their Destiny. This ritual created a blood bond between the witches, linking them together. The ritual required an athame blessed by the Elders and was conducted by the whitelighter Mikelle.

The ritual created both a magical and spiritual connection between the members of the coven and increased their shared and individual power, although the exact consequences of the ritual have not yet been explored. Like the Charmed Ones, the Chosen can call on their collective power through a spell, which channels their power in a collective force that protects them from harm and is capable of vanquishing demons.


"The Chosen call, collective power
Vanquish this evil within this hour."